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To coin a cliche, you cannot put a price on safety!

Hylton Transportation Inc. and Bookalift are proud to offer executive protection with our transportation and concierge services.

We offer professional drivers, professional protection, and professional concierge services tailored to meet your specific needs and time-sensitive schedule.

Discretion is our priority!

We understand your situation may be susceptible and requires special attention, extra care, caution, and smooth execution.

During our initial consultation, we’ll assess and analyze your circumstances and risk factors, make suggestions, and implement solutions to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure.

Our clients include but not limited to:

  • VIPS
  • Celebrities
  • Wealthy individuals
  • Professional athletes
  • Political figures
  • Dignitaries
  • Executives and CEOs
  • Musicians and performers

If you feel unsafe while travelling, our service is for you!

We’ll customize our services to meet your request and needs. You can take comfort in knowing that our team of professionals is highly trained and discreet with extensive security, driver, and first aid training.

Regarding your health, safety, and reputation, there’s no compromise. We’ll effectively analyze and manage threats and risks that may impact your safety and disrupt your natural flow of business.

BookALift Executive protection

We focus on risk migration strategies, allowing our executive specialist team to employ risk assessment keeping you and yours safe from ongoing threats and unnecessary risks leading to vulnerable exposure. This process includes extensive knowledge of the city, mapping routes, understanding traffic flow and knowledgeable in parking layouts should a contingency plan needs to be executed.

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